Why did Jesus fold the linen cloth?

In order to understand the significance of the folded napkin,

you have to understand a little bit about Hebrew tradition of that day.

The folded napkin had to do with the Master and Servant,

and every Jewish boy knew this tradition.

When the servant set the dinner table for the master,

he made sure that it was exactly the  way the master wanted it..

The table was furnished perfectly, and then the servant would wait,

just out  of sight, until the master had finished eating,

and the servant would not dare touch that table, until the master was finished.

Now if the master were done eating, he would rise from the table,

wipe his fingers, his mouth, and clean his beard,

and would wad up that napkin and toss it onto the table.

The servant would then know to clear the table.

For in those days, the wadded napkin meant,

'I'm done'.

But if the master got up from the table, and folded his napkin, and laid it
beside his plate, the servant would not dare touch the table,


The folded napkin meant,

'I'm coming back!'


John 20:1-7 The Passion Translation: Very early Sunday morning,[a] before sunrise, Mary Magdalene made her way to the tomb. And when she arrived she discovered that the stone that sealed the entrance to the tomb was moved away! So she went running as fast as she could to go tell Peter and the other disciple, the one Jesus loved.[b] She told them, “They’ve taken the Lord’s body from the tomb, and we don’t know where he is!”

Then Peter and the other disciple jumped up and ran to the tomb to go see for themselves. They started out together, but the other disciple outran Peter and reached the tomb first.[cHe didn’t enter the tomb, but peeked in, and saw only the linen cloths lying there. Then Peter came behind him and went right into the tomb. He too noticed the linen cloths lying there, but the burial cloth that had been on Jesus’ head had been rolled up and placed separate from the other cloths.

Swat away those pesky symptoms

I heard Audrey Mack say something the other day that really jumped out at me. "Symptoms are to sickness what temptation is to sin." Just because we encounter a temptation, it doesn't mean we take the step into sin. Similarly, just because we encounter a symptom, it doesn't mean we take the step into sickness. The key is what we do when we see the symptom. It's a critical decision point. If we entertain it, dwell on it, and act on it, it will likely evolve into sickness because we have put our faith in it. But, if we reject it and stand firm in our belief that Jesus paid for our health and healing, then the symptom doesn't have to become anything more than a fleeting mosquito. Swat that "bug" away and rest in the finished work of Christ!

What's Your Truth?

BUT = Believing Unfounded "Truths". What you believe is your truth, but that doesn't mean it's THE truth that lines up with God. Have you ever stopped to look at what you truly believe in your heart and determined if it agrees with God? Sometimes we find ourselves having faith in something that appears "right" or "good" but it isn't founded on God's principles. For example, after going to the chiropractor I stopped at the store. After wandering around with my purse on my shoulder, I started to get another headache. I then started to inwardly condemn myself because "I knew better." I should have gone home after the doctor and let the adjustment settle. In essence, I was disqualifying myself from receiving the healing that God provided through my chiropractor because I had DONE something wrong. RED FLAG! If my doing or not doing something affects whether I can receive my healing, then I'm expecting healing based on my performance. That's the old covenant. Healing was provided under the new covenant. We receive it by believing what Grace (Jesus) provided. I can't receive a benefit that is only found in the new covenant by following the principles of the old covenant. These are the little "BUT" beliefs that are deep seated in our hearts that can block us from receiving all that God has for us. I encourage you to see if you have any "BUT" beliefs that are standing in your way!