Who You Are in Christ

We all learned at a young age that words have power. They can inspire, encourage, energize, uplift, comfort, discourage, dishearten, and condemn. However, not only can words spoken to us be hurtful, but the words that we speak about ourselves can also do great damage. But why is that?

 The spoken word has great power, authority and significance in God’s kingdom. Whether we know it or not, our words connect us to the spiritual realm. Each word that we speak is active and will set the course for our life. It is our choice whether our words connect us with God or with the devil.

Confession isn't simply saying something positive over and over again. True Biblical confession is saying what God says about you and has promised to you. They come from a heart fully persuaded that God loves us and wants the best for us. That God through his love and grace has already provided in the spiritual realm all that we will ever need. Our confession is our response to what grace has already provided. It’s a demonstration that we have faith in Him.

People often ask how to declare a Bible verse as a faith confession. To help, I selected verses on various topics and wrote more than 60 confessions that you can declare over yourself and your family. These will also be helpful to use as examples when you write your own. Included in the file is a mini teaching that I prepared on the power of our words and some comments regarding healing. Extra space has been provided so that you can add your own confessions.

Topics include:

  • Safety and Protection

  • Who I Am in Christ

  • Wisdom

  • Grace, Faith and Favor

  • Love and Peace

  • Prosperity

  • Healing

    This is a one-time digital download (PDF file) that is formatted for 8.5 x 11 paper. Each purchase is for personal use and may not be copied or distributed for commercial purposes.

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Are you ready to uproot the lie and replace it with what God said about you?

Daily Faith Confessions
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Learn to say what God says about you!

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