Untangling ourselves from the guilt, shame and perfectionism of religion and learning to live in God’s overflowing love and grace.


If you can relate to the following statements, this is just the site for YOU!

“I’ve been doing this faith think a long time and it just doesn’t seem to be working.”

“I’m exhausted trying to DO all of the right things as a Christian and not seeing the results.”

“I always have this underlying feeling of guilt, shame and condemnation that some day they’ll find out I’m a fraud and not perfect.”

Let’s expose the common myths and lies that Christians often believe and are holding us back from living in the overflow that God planned for us!


There are many AMAZING songs so it’s difficult to pick my favorite. However, this one definitely speaks to the intent of my site.


I’ve been in your shoes. Frustrated. Discouraged. Exhausted. Guilty. Condemned. Trying to do what religion told me to do hoping to see God’s promises manifest in my life yet not feeling like I was finding that destination. I didn’t realize it, but this had actually made my heart “sick” as described in Proverbs 13:12.

Eventually, I started to learn that my faith was not on the right foundation and the roots in my heart were preventing me from stepping out into true freedom. The My Story button will tell you more about me if you’re interested. Otherwise skip ahead to the “Real Life Tools” section and let’s get started.

Reclaim your peace

When we are people pleasers, this can lead us down a slippery slope of fear that we’re not measuring up and internal pressure to be perfect. The fear of disapproval and rejection.

The Bible tells us that perfect love (God’s love) casts out all fear. Therefore, if we struggle with fear, anxiety or panic attacks, we haven’t fully grasped or experienced God’s love.

I have struggled with debilitating panic attacks. After a few bad experiences, I started to have PTSD type episodes as my body began to expect the same thing to occur. It’s miserable, frustrating and exhausting. I just want to be normal. I knew my body was responding was irrational, but I couldn’t get it to stop. I think there are several critical truths that we miss somehow, or maybe were never taught, and that often hold us in this prison, going around the same issue time and time again.

Do you relate to what I’ve described? If so, you may find the 6 week study program that I developed to be just what you need to help as you work towards your freedom from fear, anxiety and panic attacks. Click the Learn More button to get details.

Faith Confessions

Confession isn't simply saying something positive over and over again. True Biblical confession is saying what God says about you and has promised to you. We don’t do this to make God move or earn the promise. Instead, it is an action that we take to demonstrate our belief in God. It our response to what grace has already provided. Click the link below to learn how to make your own faith confessions based on God’s Word.