A lie is an untruth. It’s something that doesn’t line up with what God said and what He believes about us. As Christians, many times we aren’t aware of the lies that have worked their way into our hearts and have become a foundation in our belief system.

Many times these come from common Christian myths or well-meaning but incorrect teachings. Us humans don’t do well with ambiguity therefore over time we develop reasons why things happen or don’t happen. We need things to make sense and if they don’t we find ourselves creating our own theology without even knowing it. This is affected by our personal experiences, what people have said about us, a misunderstanding about something taught, etc. Often they are minor variations of God’s truth that we unknowingly picked up. Let’s start by determining if you might be believing a lie.

Do you believe any of the following?

God only blesses you when you behave well.

God holds a record of all my failures.

God keeps track of the wrong that I’ve done.

I must depend on my own efforts to maintain forgiveness.

There are things that I need to do before God will respond.

If I read my Bible for hours, pray a specific way, and say my faith confessions each day, God will reward my efforts.

I just need to work a little harder and I’ll see the blessing.

I just need more faith.

I’m a Sinner (capital “S”) saved by grace.

I can’t expect God to bless me because I’ve sinned.

I need to focus all of my attention on removing sin from my life.

Sin is a behavior that I need to constantly monitor.

Sin consciousness will produce results in my life.

I “fall from grace” every time that I sin.

I can twist God’s are and convince Him to move by my actions and efforts.

“Storming the gates of heaven” to persuade God to move in a situation is Biblical.

I’m a hypocrite to call myself a Christian knowing that I still do a certain “bad” behavior.

I still haven’t conquered my addition to X therefore I’m not worthy for God to bless me.

Condemnation and guilt are the Holy Spirit telling me that I’ve done wrong.

The Holy Spirit convicts us of our sin.

Preaching the Ten Commandments will produce holiness.

Preaching grace is a license to sin.

Keeping the law will save me.

I have the ability to keep the Law.

I need to earn my salvation and righteousness.

Partaking of communion in an unworthy manner is when we fail to examine ourselves and confess all our sins to make sure that we are worthy.

God is angry with you.

God has absolute control over everything. (Sovereignty of God)

You never know what God is going to do.

The same God who can heal me today may also punish me tomorrow.

We can never know God’s heart or mind.

God put this situation on me to teach me a lesson. I didn’t have a choice in the matter.

 God puts sickness on us to teach us a lesson.

This sickness is my cross to bear.

This sickness is a witness.

This sickness is my thorn in the flesh.

I have no authority over sickness.

My sin consciousness has no impact on my healing/health.

No one knows why Jesus healed using different methods.

I’m not worthy to be healed.

I don’t deserve to be healed.

Are you ready to uproot the lie and replace it with what God said about you?

Stay tuned for the next section which will hopefully be ready soon!