A Christian’s Guide to Overcoming Fear, Anxiety and Panic

Reclaim Your Peace
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6 Week Bible Study and Personal Workbook

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All of us have dealt with fear and anxiety at some point. But for some, it has us in a vice grip and affects (or infects) our every day life. It interferes with daily activities. It comes at the worst times. It can paralyze us. Worst, it holds us back from living in the fullness of God’s unconditional love and the beautiful life He planned for us. Are you ready to take a stand and reclaim your peace?

I created this study based on what I learned from my own battle with anxiety, fear and re-occurring panic attacks. It was designed to incorporate different learning methods and various Biblical principles to strengthen your foundation on the Word and encourage you on your walk with God.

For me, this victory did not come overnight and I still have some challenges to conquer. However, it’s so exciting to look back down the mountain and reflect on how far I have come.

Finding this inner peace and freedom only comes when we learn what God says about us, believe who God says we are in Christ and develop a close relationship with God. It's when we let this new image take hold in our heart and affect our thoughts, feelings, emotions, beliefs and behaviors that we will be strengthened and changed. It’s when we truly experience the love of God in our heart.

This study and workbook is a tool to get you started and encourage you on your journey…because it's only in Christ that we can we find true freedom.

This 57 page package includes:

  • A workbook (following a SOAR/SOAP style design) for your personal study and quiet time with God. The workbook contains over 40 suggested Bible verses on your identity in Christ, peace, freedom, etc. Each workbook page contains:

    • Space to write out each verse

    • Space to keep track of word research that you perform while studying each verse

    • A key point to consider on each verse

    • An example faith confession for each verse

  • Six mini teachings to supplement your study.

  • A suggested study plan and FAQ's section.

  • A different prayer focused on each week’s study.


  • Quick Reference Sheet of all verses in the workbook.

  • Quick Reference Sheet of all faith confessions in the workbook.

  • Questions for personal reflection or group discussion.

This is a one-time digital download (PDF file) that is formatted for 8.5 x 11 paper and can be inserted easily into your favorite binder. Each purchase is for personal use and may not be copied or distributed for commercial purposes.


Each week we dig into different spiritual truths and practical applications.

soar workbook

Contains over 40 Bible verses specifically focused on building the foundation needed to find peace.

bonus sections

Quick Reference Sheet of all verses in the workbook.

Quick Reference Sheet of all faith confessions in the workbook.

Questions for personal reflection or group discussion.

Please note that suggestions and statements provided in this document are based on personal experience and not medical training. The reader should always consult with a medical professional for medical conditions and before implementing any of the suggestions. Any action taken by the reader based on the content of this document are at the reader’s discretion. If the reader does take action based on the content of this document, he/she acknowledges that OverflowLiving and its owner are in no way liable for the outcome or results. Again, readers are strongly encouraged to consult a licensed medical professional for all mental or physical conditions and before implementing any suggestions in this document.